Unleash the Power of New Ignis Character in Free Fire Max: Abilities & Unlocking Guide

Unleash the Power of Ignis in Free Fire Max – Abilities & Unlocking Guide: The latest update has come in our game Free Fire, which is the OB42 update. After this update, we have got to see many things in the Free Fire game, complete information of which we have shared in our previous article, you can read it by browsing our home page.

Through today’s article, we are going to talk about one such thing which is Free Fire Max, which too has come in the FF Max OB42 update and is available for you for absolutely free, so if you want this thing, then read this article carefully till the end.

Free Fire Max OB42 Update: Everything You Need to Dominate the Game!

Free Fire Max OB42 update was launched on 31st October 2023 i.e. yesterday. Under this update, major changes have been made to the game and new items have been introduced. Among these new items, there are some items which are very beneficial, out of which we are going to select one and tell you its complete detail today in this article.

As you all know after every patch update in Free Fire Max or Free Fire Max OB42 Update, a new character is launched in the Fire Max game and this time also a new character has been launched. Today we will give complete information about this character and will also tell you how you can get it without diamonds.

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Ignis Unleashed: Meet the Newest Powerhouse in Free Fire Max OB42 Update

Free Fire Max Ingis New Character
New Ignis Character

The name of the new character that has come in the Free Fire Max OB42 Update is Ignis. This is a kind of character that possesses an active skill, just like DJ Alok provides you with abilities (also known as active skill), this character also contains a special ability within it.

These days, there is a strong need for an active skill while using a character in Free Fire, and in view of this, the developers of Free Fire Max have launched a character with an active skill. He is a male character and he also has some special abilities, we are going to describe his abilities to you below.

Unleashing Ignis Character Game-Changing Ability in Free Fire Max!

The Active Skill of The New Character In Free Fire Max: Ignis is named Flame Mirage. The active skill says Deploy a flaming screen that is 10m wide and lasts for 8s (max. deployment distance: 15m). Enemies and Gloo Walls that get in touch with the screen will experience a burning effect: instantly take 30 DMG and, for every subsequent second, take 10 DMG and lose 10% armor durability. Burning effect lasts for 25. Gloo Walls will instantly receive 200 DMG, and 200 DMG/s for 1 second.

Unleash the Power of Ignis in Free Fire Max: Abilities
New Character Ignis Ability

As per the statement, the user can use the skill to spread a 10m flame affecting the players (opponents ne logo wall) in range to lose their damage. 30 damage is instantly taken while there is a subsequent decrease in the power of both players and Gloo wall for the next 7 seconds.

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How to Get Ignis Character in Free Fire Max?

Getting a new character before the OB38 Update in Free Fire as well as Free Fire Max was too hard as there were limited options to do so. But now, there has been a damn easy method to get characters these days. Do you too want to know about it? Head Below.

  • First, you have to launch the Free Fire or Free Fire Max Application
  • After that, you have to go to the events section
  • Now you have to tap on the tab: patch info and then click on Free New Character
  • You will now reach a page where you will be asked to complete a few missions, just proceed to do so
  • You have to play a minimum of 40 games in any mode in Free Fire including LW, CS, and BR
  • After completing 40 matches, you have to come back to the site section and claim the Ignis character for free
  • You can now find this character in the character section

Note: The Ignis character in Free Fire Max is available to claim only until the 6th of October 2023. After that, you will not be able to access the character or the recent updates.

Ignis Character Free Fire


So readers, via this article, we have shared multiple pieces of information about The New Character In Free Fire after the launch of OB42. Along with all the details, we have also mentioned the complete instructions about How to Get Ignis Character in Free Fire Max. Hopefully, all the details will be useful to you, thus keep us joined for more information and updates about the game Free Fire & Free Fire Max

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