Free Fire Max Guild 2.0: Check How To Create & Claim Free Rewards

Free Fire Max Guild 2.0 – Check How To Create & Claim Free Rewards: Free Fire has always been a fantastic choice for all those players who want to play a customized form of game. The same thing is possible in the games Free Fire and Free Fire Max with ease. Along with it, the game allows players to join and create a group throughout a specific region and play together.

This group in the game Free Fire Max is known as Guild. Today we are going to share such amazing details about Guild in Free Fire, that you won’t ever hear or read before. So we request you to read this article till the end because all the details are going to be really amazing.

What Is A Guild In Free Fire Max?

Most of you would know perfectly what is the value of a guild in the game Free Fire Max. But one more time, we want to state that The Guild 2.0 in Free Fire Max is a group of players that contribute together to increase the glory. This leads them to collect rewards and offers them to appear in the Top 1% of the Guild Glory Leaderboard.

Being a part of any guild allows every user to collect rewards and simultaneously the owner of the guild gains some additional benefits. We have stated all the important advantages of a guild below, so read that carefully.

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What Are The Advantages Of A Guild In Free Fire Max?

There are various merits of being a part of any guild in the game Free Fire Max. Whether you are an owner or a participant in the guild, both positions have quite good rewards in the game. We shall provide you with the best advantages which are below.

  1. The Guild Owner has additional benefits than any participants in the guild as he/she can modify and edit any details or activities in the guild
  2. The Guild Owner achieves some additional rewards as compared to the participants
  3. The Guild Members are eligible to claim a daily sign-in reward that runs for a lifetime and you can achieve it daily by logging into the game
  4. Additionally, you can get the Guild Tokens after playing with the guildmates that can be used to redeem rewards for free
  5. Last but not least, you can get the yellow custom room card only through the guild by completing the glory to 1800, this is held weekly and you have to play enough games (matches) every Friday to gain the custom room card

Overall, there are multiple benefits to joining a guild and creating a guild. You can go for both and have the benefits.

Up to now, we have shared every bit of details about Guild in Free Fire Max. Now we shall move further to have a look at today’s topic which is Free Fire Max Guild 2.0: Check How To Create & Claim Free Rewards.

Free Fire Max Guild 2.0: Exciting New Features Unveiled!

Free Fire Max Guild 2.0
Free Fire Max Guild 2.0

You must know that soon our game Free Fire Max is going to have a patch update that is FF Max OB42. The update will be available for us soon within a week and we can be able to enjoy the changes. There will be numerous changes in the update and one among the changes will be The Free Fire Max Guild 2.0 Update.

It is one of the most amazing updates that has ever been brought to the game. It is so because, to date, the guild had no customization after its introduction to the game. The upcoming update is going to be exclusive because of the same. Let us know more about this Free Fire Max Guild 2.0.

What Is Free Fire Max Guild 2.0?

Free Fire Max Guild 2.0 is the second generation of guild update. It is specified as 2.0 because, after its introduction, the guild system in the game is going to face its changes for the first time. The Free Fire Max OB42 Update is going to introduce The Guild 2.0. Along with this guild update, multiple features are going to be injected which you can find in the below paragraph.

What Are The Features Of Free Fire Max Guild 2.0?

Free Fire Max Guild 2.0 is going to update during OB42 with new features
Free Fire Max Guild 2.0 Features

Every change in the game Free Fire as well as Free Fire Max has a specific feature and similarly, The Guild update, that is 2.0 is going to have multiple benefits. We are going to provide you with the list below.

  1. The Guild 2.0 will bring various new missions in the game along with activities and rewardable tasks
  2. Along with The Guild 2.0 update, various rewards will be brought and a few of them will be premium and rare items as you can see in the image
  3. The Guild 2.0 update will increase the limitations for the addition of players
  4. The Guild 2.0 update will allow the players to claim extremely premium items from the exchange zone (can be claimable in exchange with guild tokens)
  5. The Guild Glory will be eliminated forever
  6. Instead of Guild Glory, The Guild Honor will be placed which will provide extremely useful benefits
  7. The Guild 2.0 update will provide the rare V Badge to the top Final 15 Teams of the Guild

So players, be ready to experience something crazy in the upcoming patch update. More details will be available to you soon after its introduction within a week. So you just need to stay tuned for it. Now head below and Learn How To Create And Claim Rewards In Guild 2.0.

How To Create Guild 2.0 in Free Fire Max?

Players, the one thing you need to know is that The Free Fire Max Guild 2.0 will be introduced after the launch of the OB42 update in the game. So, the clear details will be available to you very soon. But frequently, we can assist you with some steps to do so. Just follow the below-mentioned procedure.

  • Open the game
  • Now tap on the Guild Icon
  • If you haven’t joined any guild, two options are available there, create and join
  • Just tap on create
  • From here, enter all the details such as name, slogan, and more
  • Use diamonds to create the guild or you can create it with the use of gold too
  • The guild will be created, just start adding members and leveling up the guild

How To Claim Free Fire Max Guild 2.0 Rewards?

Free Fire Max Guild 2.0 Rewarsd
FF Max Guild 2.0 Rewards

As we have mentioned above, the Free Fire Max Guild 2.0 update has not arrived yet but you can be active because soon we shall post an article with all the guides to claim the rewards related to the Guild 2.0 update. However, we are going to share the ways, using which you can claim the rewards in the existing version of Guild.

  • Log in to the game
  • Tap on the guild icon
  • Go to sign in
  • Claim the rewards that are available daily for you
  • Additionally, when any player of the guild has reached heroic or bought a membership, you will provided with some extra rewards
FF Guild


Is Free Fire Max Guild 2.0 Different?

Yes, Free Fire Max Guild 2.0 is totally different from the normal one, because you are going to see many new features in that.

How To Get Free Rewards of FF Max Guild 2.0?

You have to complete in-game missions to unlock the free rewards of FF Max Guild 2.0, and You have also more than 30 members to get the grand prizes.


So, players, this was the article on the upcoming update in the game Free Fire Max along with the OB42 Update. In this post, we have shared the details and some instructions about The Guild 2.0 in the game. Hopefully, all the details will be useful. If you want to have more details about such updates, kindly connect with us.

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