Free Fire Max OB42 Update APK OBB Download 2023

Free Fire Max OB42 Update APK OBB Download 2023 Latest Version: Today is the last day for the month of October and as published, the game Free Fire as well as Free Fire Max has experienced the patch update. If you open the game today, you will find an update button and the game will not open until you update it. We are here to share all the details regarding the same update, so keep an eye on every detail in this article.

Free Fire Max OB42 Update APK OBB Download 2023 New Updates

As you all know, every update in the game Free Fire and Free Fire Max brings out solid and devastating effects, and multiple changes are made. Similarly, this time, the developers had initiated a lot many changes through the game update. This update is OB42 and is live from today. We shall also guide you to download this update further.

Free Fire Max OB42 Update Official Release Date

As we all know the update is named OB42 because the game has experienced 41 major updates before today. This update is considered to be one of the best updates to date and we shall tell you why is it so in the same article below. But before that, if you do not have any idea about the Free Fire Max OB42 Update Official Release Date, then we are going to tell you the same.

The Free Fire Max OB42 Update is live from the 31st Of October from 9 a.m. onwards. It means, just now you can head to the application stores of your device to update the game. Therefore The Official Release Date Of the Free Fire Max OB42 Update Is October 31, 2023.

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Free Fire Max OB42 Update APK + OBB Download 2023 Latest Version

Free Fire Max OB42 Update APK is seemingly very important for all of us because a lot of changes have been made in the game. You can experience a lot of features after playing the updated game. To play the updated version of the game, you are required to download and install it to your device.

For the same, various steps need to be followed if you do not want to download and install the game from Play Store (might be for any reason such as a Play Store application crash, restrictions in the account, or any personal reasons).

Free Fire Max APK

Game NameGarena Free Fire Max
Article AboutFree Fire Max OB42 Update APK OBB Download
Updated Version2.102.1
Release DateOctober 31, 2023
DeveloperGarena Internation I
Required OSAndroid 4.1 and Above
FF Max OB42 APK OBB Download LinkAvailable
APK + OBB Size50 MB [APK] + 350 MB [OBB]

How To Download Free Fire Max OB42 Update APK OBB?

From the instructions given below, you can easily download the game quickly install it, and start paying soon after the installation. So let’s head further for it.

  1. To download the latest application which is Free Fire Max OB42 Update APK, Use the Above Link.
  2. You will now reach the download page and from here, you have to download the file.
  3. Make sure to check the status of the file from the download tab.
  4. Also, remember to go to the settings of your phone and enable a setting {unknown sources} from the privacy tab.

By applying all these instructions, we guarantee that you will successfully download the Free Fire Max OB42 Update Apk + OBB. Now you can read this post further to know How To Install Free Fire Max OB42 Update APK OBB.

How To Install Free Fire Max OB42 Update APK OBB?

Before going through the steps, make sure that you have to apply these steps in two phases. The first phase will include the steps for installation of the Free Fire Max OB42 Update APK & the second phase will consist of the steps for installation of Free Fire Max OB42 Update OBB.

Install FF Max OB42 APK

  1. Soon after downloading, you have to go to the file manager of your phone or Z archiver application (download via Play Store)
  2. Now you have to locate the downloaded file
  3. After locating it, you will find a folder with 2 sub files
  4. The one file would be apk file (Free Fire Max OB42 Apk), you have to instantly install (or update) this file from there

Install FF Max OB42 OBB

  1. Now you are left with the second file that would be named as com.dts.freefiremax
  2. Now you have to go to the Internal Storage > Android > Obb and delete a file named –com.dts.freemax from there
  3. Soon after deletion, head back to the downloaded file and cut the com.dts.freefiremax folder from there and paste it to Internal Storage > Android > Obb

Free Fire Max OB42 Update: Check What’s New?

As you all know whenever a new patch update comes in Free Fire and Free Fire Max,, huge changes are made, especially these changes are made in the environment and assets of the game.

As a result, this time too you have seen a lot of changes, some of which are considered to be the biggest features till now.

So let us give you an account on these futures through which you will be able to know what is new in Free Fire Max OB42 Update.

1 – Guild 2.0

FF Guild 2.0 in Free Fire Max during OB42 Update
Free Fire Max OB42 Update

One of the most major updates in the Free Fire Max OB42 Update is the Guild Update. Guild is one of the best introductory from Free Fire Developers. It allowed every member to claim multiple rewards for free. Along with it, custom room cards were also available through the same.

The live update has changed the whole functioning of the guild and from now onwards, the previous guild has been named Guild 2.0. It provides the players with ultimate features such as greater tournaments, weekly tournaments, free rewards, rare rewards, and amazing tasks. Along with it, work is also done in levels and qualifications for a guild.

The Guild 2.0 has brought multiple features and the most devastating feature of Guild 2.0 is that the top 15 guilds will have V Badge. Yes,. It’s the same V Badge that is owned by many YouTubers and those who are a part of the Free Fire Max Partner Program.

2 – New Character Ignis

new character ignis in free fire max
FF Ignis New Character

Now if we talk about new, then at this time first of all you want to consider the new character in Free Fire Max and for your information, we want to tell you that a new character has been introduced in the Free Fire Max OB42 Update. The new character’s name is Ignis.

You will be glad to know that this character is currently present in our game and you are getting a chance to get this character absolutely for free. We will give instructions to get this character in our next article. Till then you can have the complete details of this character.

The new character Ignis belongs to the community of active skill characters. It possesses the same active skills as DJ Alok and Wukong. Its active skill is very beneficial and you can read the information about its active steel below.

New Ignis Character in Free Fire Max

Deploy a flaming screen that is 10m wide and lasts for 8s (max. deployment distance: 15m). Enemies and Gloo Walls that get in touch with the screen will experience a burning effect: instantly take 30 DMG and, for every subsequent second, take 10 DMG and lose 10% armor durability.

Burning effect lasts for 25. Gloo Walls will instantly receive 200 DMG, and 200 DMG/s for 1 second.

3 – Bermuda Changes

Bermuda Changes in Free Fire Max OB42 Update
Free Fire Max Bermuda Changes

The second very big and important change that has been made to the map in our game and the biggest change that has been made to the map is that our Bermuda map has been completely converted to a winter theme, which means that now you can see most of the things that will be seen on a winter theme and with this you can also say that Bermuda Winterland is back.

As a result, you will see snow on the trees as well as snowfall instead of leaves. Along with this, you will find snow scattered on the ground and all the water bodies that were available in Bermuda have been converted to frozen bodies, that is, made of ice. The developers have made a great change and the reason behind making this change is the ongoing winter season.

Other than this, Bermuda Map has the hidden secrets in the Peak. It may be rewarding, so head to the game and try playing the Battle Royale Mode.

4 – New BR Items

New BR Items FF Max
New BR Items

Now we are not talking about a big change but we are talking about some items that have come new in the Free Fire Max Update this time and believe us, all these items are very new. It is more useful than any other available equipment. Now we are giving you its complete details through the bulletin point below and will also tell you about its features.

  1. Character Skill Cards: Now you will get to see the character’s active skill card in the Battle Royale and Battle Royale Ranked mode of Free Fire, under which you will be able to use the active skill of that character once whose active skill card you possess. These character skills include Clu, Chrono, Homer Alok, Kenta, Steffie, A124 & Skyler’s ability.
  2. Portal Go: Portal Go is an equipment that you will see in Free Fire Battle Royale mode. Under this equipment, you will easily go from one place to another across the map. That means you can take advantage of features like teleport by using Portal Go.
  3. Info Box: Info Box is a portable box that will give you information about the future safe zone, that is, you will get the info box during the battle royale game so that you can collect it and carry it with you and later use it to find out where the next zone is going to be formed.
  4. Healing UAV: There is a new item in the game named Healing UAV which will be seen flying in the sky in battle royale mode at random times and any player who comes in the range of this UAV will be healed or the UAV will heal that player who comes into it’s range. If you are damaged and your HP is low then you will be healed by this UAV. You will be able to heal yourself with the help of the Healing UAV.
  5. Turret: Turret is going to prove to be a very important thing because by using it, if there are players near to you, then they will automatically take damage. You neither need to shoot nor attack, you just need to have a Turret in your backpack so that the enemies who come close to you can get damaged.

5 – Battle Royale Updates

Battle Royale Updates in FF Max OB42 Update
Battle Royale

Now we will talk about the Battle Royale Coin Changes, so for your information, we want to tell you that the Battle Royale coin is used like a token and you can get some equipment by using it in the vending machine. After the Free Fire OB42 Update, you will be able to achieve something else than the kinds of stuff available before in the game and it will also help you in survival and winning.

6 – Character Updates

One such thing that is modified after every update is the character skills. Skill Reworks take place after each patch update in the game. Thus, after the Free Fire Max OB42 Update, many changes have been made in the characters many characters have been updated in a positive way while many characters have been updated in a negative way.

You can know which character is updated in a positive and negative way via the points given below.

  • Jay
  • Joseph
  • Nikita

  • Wukong
  • Suzy
  • Homer
  • Iris

  • Nairi
  • Dimitri
  • Thiva
  • Sonia
  • Orion
  • A124

7 – Weapon Updates

free fire max
Weapon Adjustment

Along with the characters, weapons are also adjusted in every update, and this time many weapons have been adjusted, the list we are giving below will also tell which ones have been adjusted in a positive way and which ones have been adjusted in a negative way.

  • M249
  • XM8

  • RGS50
  • M1014


What is the latest version of Free Fire Max OB42 Update?

The latest and new updated version of Free Fire Max OB42 Update is 2.101.1.

What is the size of the FF Max OB42 APK & OBB?

As we know, The Official OB42 Patch Update has been successfully rolled out. So, The size of the APK is 50 MB, and OBB is 350 MB.

What are the major updates in FF Max OB42?

You are going to see Guild 2.0, and New Ignis Character. These are the major changes done in the Free Fire Max OB42 Update.

Is FF Max OB42 also available in Free Fire India?

No, The Patch OB42 Update is not available in the Garena Free Fire India Battle Royale Game.


Through this article, we have provided you with all the information that is related to Free Fire Max OB42 Update, and every small thing about this update has been covered in this article. We hope this article here will be helpful for you and if you want to get more updates regarding Free Fire or Free Fire Max, just stay connected with us.

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