How To Get Fluorescent Angelic Pants In Free Fire Max 2023

How To Get Fluorescent Angelic Pant In Free Fire Max 2023: Nowadays the games Free Fire and Free Fire Max are having multiple events that are very beneficial for us. If you are active in the game, you must know about the updates and the events. However we are going to share the complete details and along with the same, we have brought you the important instructions that could be used as a way to get involved in the event and perform the same steps, you can easily attain the event contents. Here are all the details about it.

As you all know, each event in Free Fire & Free Fire Max is brought for a certain period of time, hence you shall be aware of a considered factor which is the vanishing time of the events. Don’t worry as we shall explain all the things, you need to be attentive throughout the entire post. So stay tuned till the end.

Free Fire Max The Angelic Royale New Event

In the game Free Fire and Free Fire Max, a section namely Luck Royale has been considered as the best section for the occurrence of events. Picking up history, we can find that events like Diamond Royale, Character Royale, and most importantly The Incubator Royale have always been injected into the Luck Royale Section.

The Incubator Royale is however no longer available but in the place of this kind of event, a new type has been introduced that is known as The Universal Ring Event. Let us have all the details about the same Universal Ring Event because all the major items nowadays are given through the same type of event.

What Is Universal Ring Event In Free Fire?

As we have told earlier, the best section for event holding is the Luck Royale Section. Hence, The Universal Ring Event is a type of event formation that leads us to use our Diamonds and provides us a chance to get some premium items. The Universal Ring Event has a system that is very important. It says that an item can easily be obtained through making spins using diamonds but if you have made a lot of spins and yet the item has not emerged, you can get the desired item from the exchange zone, and by using the exchange tokens, you can easily get the required item.

The exchange tokens are known as Universal Ring Tokens and after making spins, you get a random amount of such tokens. These tokens can be a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 in quantity, thus you can make spins and have the tokens or the rewards. Overall, the event seems to be advantageous for us. Let us now move further to have the most important pick of this event.

Free Fire Max Angelic Pant Event: What’s New?

Female Fluorescent Angelic Pant In Free Fire Max
Female Fluorescent Angelic Pants

As we have mentioned above, the Universal Ring Event is one of the most useful events for us. The same event has brought us a new event in the game which we are going to tell you through today’s post. Here we shall state the event details and next to it, we shall cover the event period along with the list of rewards and at the last, we shall cover up the entire instructions that can be used to get involved in the event.

So, the new event in the games Free Fire and Free Fire Max is named The Angelic Royale Event and has been introduced into the Luck Royale Section along with the format Universal Ring. The event consists of some premium and rare items that have once made the entire community crazy with their looks. All of us wanted to have such items at any cost and see, now we are having a superb chance to have the items. Let us find out some more details about this event.

Since the name of this event is The Angelic Royale, the same event has items based on the Angelic theme. The most premium item in the Angelic theme is the Angelic Pant and luckily we are having it through the event. So you can also get it at a specific cost that we shall state below. Before that, you should know the event period.

Event Period Of The New Event In Free Fire Max: The Angelic Royale

Any event in the game Free Fire or Free Fire Max is brought to us for a minimum period of 1 week to a maximum of 2 months. Luckily we are having the New Event In Free Fire Max: The Angelic Royale for a period of 2 weeks. The last date for this event in our India Server is the 8th Of November and we can have all the items by this deadline. So players, be early to have the event items.

Grand Items of Free Fire Max Angelic Royale Event

Now we are going to cover the list of rewards that has been made available for us through the New Event In Free Fire Max: The Angelic Royale. Below is the entire list.

  1. Fluorescent Angelic Pant
  2. Angelic Pant
  3. Luminescent Angelic Pant
  4. Stylish & Retro Angelic Pant
  5. Grenade Skin
  6. Backpack Skin
  7. Skyboard Skin
  8. Loot Box Skin
  9. Supply Crates

How To Get Fluorescent Angelic Pant In Free Fire Max?

How To Get Fluorescent Angelic Pant In Free Fire Max 2023
Fluorescent Angelic Pants

If we talk about the most important and premium item, then it is The Fluorescent Angelic Pants. It is considered one of the rare items too. In this case, we can have it easily but for that, you shall go through a couple of steps. We have cared for every bit requirement for all of you, thus we have also brought a complete step-by-step guide for the same. Here’s How To Get Fluorescent Angelic Pant In Free Fire Max 2023.

  1. First of all, you have to open the game Free Fire Max
  2. Make sure that you have at least 3000 – 4000 diamonds
  3. Now you have to go to the Luck Royale Section > Angelic Royale
  4. You shall now see the event overview from here
  5. Below, there would be two options for making spins
  6. Just start making spins with a favorable option
  7. Make enough spin to get The Fluorescent Angelic Pant
  8. If not obtained, you can get it using tokens by going to Store > Redeem > Angelic Tokens
  9. A guaranteed grand prize is obtainable after every 50 spins, thus you can expect a grand prize after 1000 diamonds
  10. Make spins, get rewards or tokens, and later exchange all the remaining tokens through the redeem section in the game
  11. Now you are done

How Much FF Diamonds Required To Get Fluorescent Angelic Pant?

As we know, The Angelic Pants is the premium event of Free Fire Max means that You have to spend around 1000 to 1500 Diamonds to successfully in your account. Also, each spin will give to chances to unlock the rare items from the in-game events.


Why Angelic Pants are More Popular in Free Fire Max?

Free Fire Max Angelic Pants are more popular because it is one of the rarest outfits that was released during seasons 1-2 in the server.

Can We get Angelic Pants with the help of the FF Redeem Code?

Yes, You can get the rare Angelic Pants in Free Fire Max with the help of redeem codes.

Are Fluorescent Angelic Pants better than normal ones?

Yes, Free Fire Max Fluorescent Angelic Pants are better than normal ones, because they have attractive special effects moving around that’s why they look more amazing.

Can we get Angelic Pats for Free In Free Fire?

No, You have to claim it from the in-game events in Free Fire Max.


Through this article, we have shared detailed information about an event format and The New Event In Free Fire Max: The Angelic Royale and How To Get Fluorescent Angelic Pants. Moreover, we have shared the step-by-step guide through which you can easily obtain any item present at this event. Hopefully, you will have enjoyed the post. Keep us joined and stay tuned for further updates about Free Fire and Free Fire Max.

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