How To Enable Peek And Fire In BGMI 2023

How To Enable Peek And Fire In BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) 2023: BGMI is a battle royale game that millions of people enjoy playing every day. Now who wouldn’t want to be a prominent player in such a game if a person has got the title of prominence, he is highly respected in the gaming community. Along with this, the respective player has so much confidence in his skills to play the game that he is able to achieve victory in most of the matches he plays.

There are many factors that depend on a player’s performance in BGMI and among these factors, an important one that we know is Peek and Fire. In today’s article, we will give you important information related to Peek & Fire and will also tell you about such a cool thing by which you can go one step ahead in prominence by using the Peek and Fire Method. Therefore, we would like to request you to read this entire article carefully without missing any paragraph.

What Is Peek And Fire In BGMI?

First of all, you need to know what is called Peek and Fire in BGMI. We will try to explain to you in very simple words that whenever you are hiding in a cover in the game in battle royale mode or in the mode of any match, in the meantime you see an enemy and you have to attack it. Attacking has to be done in such a way that you can immediately move away from that spot after attacking so that you can safely launch into the same cover back at your place. We know this activity as Peek and Fire. Just once again we will try to explain it in very simple words.

Peak and Fire in BGMI is an activity under which you get up from cover and after attacking your enemies, immediately hide back in the same cover without harming yourself. Peek means coming out of cover and Fire means attacking, that is, you come out of cover attack the enemy, and go back to the cover. If you are completely successful in this activity, then it’s perfectly termed as Peek & Fire.

Why Peek & Fire Is Important In BGMI?

How To Enable Peek And Fire In BGMI

Now there must be many players who might be hearing this word for the first time and you might be wondering what is the purpose of this BGMI Peek and Fire that will take you one level ahead in prominence, isn’t it? So we want to tell you that Peek & Fire is an activity that is used by many players, especially those players who have become a personality in content creation.

No matter how you look at YouTubers or gamers, if he is an expert in this game then he must be using Peek & Fire at some point or the other. It also has many benefits about which we are going to give you all the information below.

Benefits Of Peek & Fire In BGMI

As we have told Peek & Fire is such an activity that after using it, you will be advantageous upon one level in prominence, so it is obvious that it will have many advantages that will enable you to do so. Through the bulletin points given below you can take a look at its advantages.

  1. By using the Peek and Fire activity in BGMI, you can save yourself from being exposed to any enemies, that is, the chances of the person you are firing at will see you are much less
  2. Another big advantage of using Peek and Fire is that your enemies die as soon as they realize that they have been damaged
  3. Peek & Fire Fire can make you successful in such a way that you can win every match easily
  4. Using Peak and Fire will make you always remain fixed in the same position, thus not being exposed to enemies
  5. Peek & Fire is the best activity for defense as well as attack because if you do perform it, then no enemies will know in which direction you are hiding

These were all its qualities and you must have liked them and now you too must be feeling like performing Peek & Fire in your game. You can definitely do this but you are not able to do so because of a lack of knowledge for enabling it. So now we are going to dedicate the complete instructions step by step, so you should read it carefully and after reading it, you can apply it so that you can also use it during the gameplay.

How To Enable Peek & Fire In BGMI?

How To Enable Peek And Fire In BGMI 2023
Enable Peek And Fire In BGMI
  • First of all, you have to launch the BGMI Application on your phone
  • Now you have to be at the home interface
  • Now you have to look for an up indicator arrow and you have to click on it
  • You have to now go to the setting
  • Now go to the basic setting
  • Tap on Controls
  • Head to Aim & Fire option now
  • Now tap on Peek Setting > Peek & Open Scope
  • Enable the toggle for the Peek option
  • Here you have to make your choice whether among a few options, just ignore all other options and click on tap to lean or hold to lean

Above mentioned guide will lead you to Enable Peel & Fire In BGMI. But we want to add a few lines and you should follow it. Every new thing takes time in applicability and the same is also followed in using Peek & Fire.

For a better result, you have to definitely enable this setting and along with it, you have to train yourself in such a way that, there would no longer need for you to make a search for Peek & Fire-related queries. Now apply all the above-mentioned steps and perform enough practice to get outstanding results.


So readers, in this article, we have shared a detailed guide about How To Enable Peek and fire In BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). Before it, we have also shared quite a few interesting details such as its use and benefits. We wish that via this article, you have now known to enable Peek & Fire In BGMI. If you want to get such useful content on a regular basis, you need to be connected with us for every new post.

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