New Top-up Event Garena Free Fire

New Top-up Event Free Fire: Hello friends, we are going to talk today regarding the date of New Top-up Event Free Fire, as it was awaited by all. That final exam has appeared in Indian Server in today free fire new update. 

New Top-up Event Garena Free Fire

As we know, in Top Up event, we have to top up Free Fire Diamond after which we get some special items from Free Fire.

This time the new top-up event has come under ‘Winter is Coming‘ and even before that many events of ‘Winter is Coming New Event Free Fire’ have come, such as Forst-Draco Commander Bundle in Faded Wheel, M1887 Winterlands Skin in Roll the dice event and more.

The New Top-up Event in Free Fire is very special because We already know that We’ll get items 100% according to Free Fire Diamond Top-up. 

According to the rest of the other free fire events, the new top-up event is Best because in the other event, We’ve to diamond has to be spinned and in that we have to spend more free fire diamonds, after which we get bundle.

New Top-up Event In Free Fire 2020

A lots of event has come in 26 updates of Free Fire and one of them is New Free Fire Top Up. In the free fire new event we will get three items after 500 free fire diamond top-up and those three items will be unlocked according to free fire diamond top-up, I will tell you everything about three items, and how To get it?.

Free fire new top-up event will be available from 26 December to 1 January in Indian Server. So, You can do top-up of free fire diamond between this date.

100 Free Fire Diamond Top-up Free Fire New Event

What will we get after topping up 100 Diamonds in the New Free Fire event? I know there must be something going on in your mind and let me tell you what you will get after 100 free fire diamonds? You would know that after top-up 100 free fire diamond, we will definitely get something. 

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You will get this ‘Yeti Buddy Backpack’ after topping up 100 Diamond at Free Fire new top up event. Yeti Buddy Backpack looks very good looking back and this bag pack can transform up to level 3 means it’ll show different in all three level, and it’s size will bigger at level 3.

300 Free Fire Diamond Top-up Free Fire New Event

In the same way, we will get ‘Winterlands Sledge Surfboard’ after doing 300 Free Fire Diamond Top-up in New Event. you’ll ‘Winterlands Sledge Surfboard‘ with some effects, and it’s looking amazing with this effects. It’s also come under the ‘Winter is Coming New Event Free Fire’.

500 Free Fire Diamond Top-up Free Fire New Event

In this new top-up event of free fire, all we have to do is top-up 500 free fire diamond as you know, always We have to do top-up of 1000 diamond at the time of incubator and after topping up 1000 diamond, We get the blueprint of the new incubator.

But in this time free fire new top-up event, all we have to do is top-up 500 free fire diamonds and as soon as you top-up 500 free fire diamonds, after that you will get a ‘Forst-Draco Colonel Female Bundle‘.

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